Post Your Workstations 2013

Feb 15, 2007
It's not much, but it's a new workstation in a new apartment for 2013!


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Same setup and same old crappy glass desk. Hopefully here soon ill have my custom desk finished.

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Good to see there isn't any bickering this year over the start of this thread.
Happy New Year, everyone! I need to finish some cable management and then I can post a proper pic of my workstation... and my new CRT! Well it's not new by any stretch but it's new to my workstation!
Here's my corner for the year:


A little messy here and there, but I can live with it.
Here it is! Nothing special, I really hoping to do some updating this year. New desk, couple of monitors.
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Welp, I guess I'll finally post my workstation! Just finished it last week or so. still a little crowed on the shelves I need to clean it up a bit, but for now, here's my pride and joy.

Edit: smaller size picture

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Sadly, yes they do as there are picture in before you.

Just the way it works.

He has a point to an extent. When I started the thread, my photo URL was messed up, so technically andrewbub was the first one to have an actual workstation photo for 2013.

BUT! We shouldn't be arguing about something as silly as this anyway! We're here to start the new year off fresh. So either post pics or get out :D
Just got a bunch of new gear for christmas. Still need to clean the wires up. Will snap a pic and post it in a few!

Edit: Pic added.

I still need to tidy the wires and put some art on the wall.

New Additions:
2x 23" IPS Displays (center)
Studio Monitor Headphones
Flex Mount Ipad arm.
SteelSeries Mouse
Gears of War/Halo toys :)
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Rearranged slightly, moved my other rig in here as well.



And my office companion:
My work workstation as of now. Temporary(may become permanant) standing desk as I am having piriformis/sciatic issues and standing helps.
What a great start to the year with some great workstations, keep up the good work guys!

New workstation, specs:
2x Intel xeon e5-2620
64gb kingston ecc ram
Samsung 840 pro 128 gb
Samsung 840 pro 256 gb
Fractal Design Define XL
Corsair AX750

4x dell 2007fp
Lurk, Lurk then Post!

pretty much a summary.


Movie Corner (3rd display full screen XBMC)

I'll post the case too (HAF 922, not a huge deal), it just seems a little full of dirt particles to me (plus the noise that's added from the crap camera phone) so [MERCY!]
Lon --- What movie program software or hardware is that?

it's XBMC, one of available skins to be downloaded found on default installation in XBMC too. Hardware is as in signature, which means that it's just the XBMC full screen on third monitor connected to the PC.

I have the same setup might change it up down the line, been very busy sorry about the phone pic! :p
I still want a new desk...Picked up one of the Ebay 27" monitors and ditched the 17 inch monitor I used to have for a 23 inch Asus. Did some rearranging in my room, and still have the ghetto blackout curtains. Probably going to update the rig this summer as a graduation present to myself. The case is definitely getting ditched though. I MIGHT swap the Asus for another 27". I'll drop a better pic when I get home.


EDIT: Oh wow. Just realized basically everything has changed.

New Mousepad
Pulled the powered monitors for a reciever/bookshelf/subwoofer set up
New keyboard
New mouse
New webcam
This time last year I was still on integrated graphics.
Monoprice monitor arms
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For now... Which I just took it apart like an hour ago. Used to be more of an "L" Shape but the extension was on the left side so couldn't see into the case. Grabbed some metal brackets and screws from home depot so I could get rid of the one piece and move the tower to the right side.

Planning on getting rid of the 28" Hann-s G here soon and getting a triple monitor setup so i'll be getting a new desk also.



Replaced the front stock fans finally.

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