Post your pc screen shots!

I know its a mess but I love this wallpaper. Can't change to anything else for over a year now

I can't believe I still have this thing, and that I can still surf the Internet on it better than I can on an Jelly Bean Laptop with 1GB of RAM. That means Android is actually a heavier OS at this point than the version of Windows I'm running on here. How much RAM do phones have these days, anyway?

Ah what the hell...


Just got an LG G4 finally (no I didn't take this shot, I wish I had) and I'm learning the ins and outs of getting some amazing images from the awesome camera on this thing so I went looking for samples from other people with a G4 and found this one. Beautiful shot with minimal post-processing according to the person that took it (can't find the source at this exact moment).

I sure hope I manage to get a shot like this sometime, would be pretty cool to be able to say "I TOOK THAT SHOT... WITH A SMARTPHONE..." :D
I'm always messy, and change things a lot and have a couple screens up at once.

Probably should delete a few more I do not use these days.

This is the desktop on my new Surface Book. I'm keeping it on 1200x800 because you need a microscope to see things at 3000x2000 if they don't play nice with Windows scaling settings. Saves VRAM and makes things snappier, too.