Post your mining rigs!


[H]F Junkie
Mar 4, 2007
Thought I share my rig that I converted from DC to crypto mining last month while the going is still good. I didn't really invested anything much for this setup other than moving existing DC hardware and purchased one gimped VII card very cheap last year. I knew in advance that this gimped VII card had some issues and refuses to run above base clock reliably. Thanks to Priller and motqalden for the crypto inspiration.

Currently doing about 153Mh/s with 395W from the wall. I didn't want to push the other good card too hard (I know it can do close to 100Mh/s each) since I only have 650W PSU to run two Radeon VII. Running quite cool at 825mV GPU voltage and temp around 67°C. I've an overkill xeon E5-2697v3.

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tell me where you live so I can steal that beautiful blue chieftec dragon. :nailbiting: