Planet Crafter


Jul 25, 2008
As of April 2022, this game is in Early Access and currently on sale on Steam for $18.

Planet Crafter is a "Subnautica in space" type of game where you land on a barren planet tasked with Teraforming it to sustain life. There is resource management, crafting, progression seen throughout the environment and lots of little hidden secrets to find. It can be as chill or intense as you want it, with a survival mode, standard and relaxed mode. Hardcore mode will delete your save if you die.

I've got about 25hrs into the game and am nearing the end of the current content. I've found the pacing, mechanics and content to be impressive for an Indie game built by a two person team (so far) over the last two years. Even in Early Access it has been amazingly bug free. It feels a lot like Subnautica without many of the irritations I had with that game. It has plenty of room to grow, especially when it comes to introducing its mechanics in the very beginning, but once you have that figured out it has been pleasantly addicting for me.
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