PCIE Bifurcation


Apr 7, 2021
NEED HELP ASAP LOL; So i am a GPU Miner and need some help. the new 3060 gpus req at least x8 lanes, i hace a Dell T5610 server with dual xeon processors, the processors can run 80 lanes, the mother board has 4 x16 PCIe slots. What i want to do is take a x16 to x16 ribbon cable attach a x16 to 2 x8 riser then use 2 x8 to x16 to connect the gpus to the riser card enabling me to have 8 of the 3060s running on the x16 slots and then run 4 more NON 3060 cards off a x1 to x4 riser card. problem is i can not find a riser capable of doing such. I went online and found what i thought would work but it turns out it was a U2 TO 2 X8 NOT A X16 TO 2 X8 any one have an idea how i can attach a U2 to a x16 slot on the motherboard OR where i can find a x16 to dual x8 slot riser card? ive been looking and looking and cant find anything available