Parallels for Mac questions


Jul 3, 2004
Ok, first of all, I really don't like the idea of a 'subscription'. I'm very much of the opinion I buy the software, it's my damn software.

That said, I've been using VirtualBox for a very long time, due to storing my VDIs on external thuderbolt/USB3 drives, and being able to transport my main Development System between multiple systems.

That said, I'm heavily considering giving Parallels a try, since I'm now storing my source code in my private Gitlab instance, and VirtualBox is just slow as molasses on Mac. I've already converted my Linux machines to using KVM/QEMU, and now that I've used something other than VBox, I'm much more aware of just how slow VBox really is.

The questions:

What the hell are the differences between the Home and Pro versions? Parallels site gives me all kinds of information saying that "Oh, Pro supports up to 16 processors!" but never mentions what Home supports.

Does anyone know what the limitations to the Home buy-it-once version are for Parallels for the Mac?

*edit* Oh, and before anyone says it, yes, I already have Boot Camp on my mac pro. But sometimes I don't feel like restarting the system just to make a quick code change. I vastly prefer having Windows in a virtualized environment for convenience's sake.

Haven’t used parallels in a while and need to take another look at it - I have had very good luck with Fusion though and haven’t had very many reasons to look beyond it.

Virtual box works but yeah, its low performance.
k1pp3r, thank you! Jesus, I looked ALL OVER for exactly that chart.

So Home == quad core 8GB of ram. Meh. Maybe I just need to go start dev'ing on VBox, but it's Oracle. Not sure I could live with myself if I started actively developing for Oracle lmao
I use parallels all day every day. Home supports 4 CPUs max. Performance wise it blows VB out of the water and runs significantly faster than fusion especially if you are doing anything graphics related. It will virtualize that boot camp partition no problem as well as long as you remember to shut down the VM if you want to use bootcamp natively for something.

Be warned there are some graphic issues with high sierra and parallels right now. If you've already upgraded I would hold off on parallels until they fix them.