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    VirtualBox - Enabling encryption allocates all dynamic storage

    So, if I create VM with 50gb dynamic drives, and only use 20gb, why does enabling encryption permenantly expand the .VHD file to 50gb? This is a win10 guest on win10 host. So, even if I decrypt the VDI file, it stays at 50gb. If I compact the file, it still stays at 50gb. Any ideas?
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    VMs, Guest-to-Host Writes & bcache

    Background My workstation serves as a VirtualBox host for several Linux desktop VMs. The workstation has a Samsung 970 Pro as its boot device, with two Samsung 850 EVOs as a RAID 0 scratch drive. I have an external drive (two 1TB mechanicals in RAID 1) connected to the host which exposes its...
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    Parallels for Mac questions

    Ok, first of all, I really don't like the idea of a 'subscription'. I'm very much of the opinion I buy the software, it's my damn software. That said, I've been using VirtualBox for a very long time, due to storing my VDIs on external thuderbolt/USB3 drives, and being able to transport my main...