OCZ Power Supply?


[H] Custodian
Jan 13, 2004
Seems that OCZ has gotten into the Power supply market, and their offering looks pretty good. I saw a review at MadShrimps PowerStream 420 but they are not listed on OCZ's website, and I cannot find them for sale anywhere. Any opinions?
they look like great PSUs if they are at the right price point.
As far as I know, Tagan makes OCZ's PSUs. Not all that bad really, they have strong +12V rails, and the heatsinks inside are larger than average. Driverheaven has a good review on their 420W model. The LEDs on the back are a bit gimmicky (who's going to look back there anyway), but I like what's inside.
Over at 2CPU, the dualie guys have been showing praise for Tagan PSUs. They actually push the PSUs to the max w/ quad CPUs and RAID arrays, unlike most of us, and still like them so i'd say that's a pretty strong endorsement. I personally haven't used one, but haven't heard anything remotly bad about them, except a slight lack of availability in the U.S.
CoolerMaster also recently entered the PSU arena
(with rudimentary spec for the PSU)
and did a drive by Promo on a Computer Graphics Forum Im a member of
submit a short entry why youd want this PSU and possibly win it

somehow I doubt my entry will get picked :p

advertising a 350watt PSU promo on a forum full of +$3000 dually workstations
with voltage regulation in the 5% varience for the main rails (Standard ATX spec)
wasnt the brightest idea they ever had :p

but I did point out I had contacted newegg
about stocking their new crossflow fan
Well, just checked out the review you linked, and they are *very* similar to the Vantec Stealth PSUs that I hold so dear. Instead of including a switched AC outlet, it has a little voltage adjustment thing in it's place, but the components inside look almost identical to my Vantec Stealth 520.
Antec. I will always pimp Antec PSU's. One could say I am a Antec fanboy, but after my ordeal with them, I am a customer for life.
Topower makes Vantec, Tagan, and many other PSU's. OCZ's PSU uses components usually reserved for server PSU's though.
30a on the +12v and the units only a 420w model. They'd steal the US market if they price them reasonably enough.

The jury's still out until i see some better tests than this one though. ;)