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  • I too have actually looked at alot of the sharps on the floor and I like a majority of them.

    The XXXX650U is rated at 4,000,000:1 brightness. The 2 next up are rated at 8,000,000:1, and the top Q+ XXXXQ17U is rrated at 12,000,000:1. Would you say your sharp is bright enuff for the room with lights on? If so the other models are likely to be even more adequate.

    Sorry to take so long to acknowledge/respond. This info is very helpful. Thank you so much for responding!
    Hey sorry to bug you - do you by chance know/remember the model of the sharp aqueos TV's you used in your conference rooms? I want to make sure I get one with a matte screen.

    If you are in the US, there were deals for the 7770 for 99 dollars with 30 rebate. I got one after I sold the rig I was going to put it in to a family member already. So I don't have a use for the card. I'll trade it with you if you want for a Amazon Gift card $107 (Makes payment easier :p and instant)
    This is what I got. Let me know if you're interested. The rebate won't work if address changes. It also has far cry 3 and Nexuiz free I think.
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