HardOCP Signs the NVIDIA NDA for 2080 Launch Access?

  • Yes

  • No

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Funny how this poll is starting to move even more solidly NO, as nVidia works harder for control...

Anyone else reminded of the Athlon vs P4 days?
I voted no, not because I think it would affect the integrity of the site, but just for the possibility that Nvidia could use the NDA to drag [H] through the court system claiming something disclosed was CI. Even if their case has no merit, a fight against Nvidia armed with a binding agreement would make Infinium Labs look like night out of the town.
I think that the duration of the NDA is insane. As written, I would not sign it. I of course would love to see reviews on [H] as soon as possible, but would never want Kyle to bend the knee to any entity in such a manner. I just donated to [H] to show my support in his standing up to Nvidia's fucked up requests.
I think signing any NDA is a bad idea - fanbois from either side will look at what you say, and don't say, as you being biased somehow. This will just give them more ammo if you do so.
Voted no, so you get full editorial freedom in the review. Not having to follow review guides etc.

You can resell the cards when done to get a big chunk of the cost back.