NVIDIA GPU naming an honor to mathematician's


Nov 21, 2021
My brain-cells was unable to connect in these last two decades, that NVIDIA using names of significant mathematician's at their GPU's.
Blaise Pascal
Alan Turing

Large part of international world, this not familiar with mathematics science, and their hero, especially the youth.

If we had entire list of famous mathematician's, we could predict the GPU name of the upcoming RTX 4000. :)
Pythagoras due to his Pythagorean theorem, it might be the next one.


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Feb 1, 2005
I don't know if it's mathematicians per-se. More like scientists in general (although you could make the argument that most scientists are mathematicians at some level). This is nothing new. They started with Fahrenheit with Pre-Geforce256 cards and continued with Celsius (Geforce256), Kelvin (Geforce4), Rankine (FX), Curie (Geforce 6,7), Tesla (Geforce 8,9, 100, 200, 300), Fermi (Geforce 400, 500), Kepler (Geforce 600, 700, 800M), and Maxwell (Geforce 900). Then as you noted, Pascal (10 series) and Turing (20 series). Volta (professional "Turing" GPUs). Hopper is forthcoming also.

New GPUs in the 4000 series will be named after Ada Lovelace (if they were more intellectually honest, they would have named it after Charles Babbage rather than Lovelace, but "go woke or go broke"?).
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