Nuclear Hot! 960GB ADATA Ultimate SU650 3D NAND 2.5 $136 Free Ship

I snagged a pair of these when they were $143 a couple of weeks ago. They seem fine for Steam drives in the HTPC and my son's PC so far.
Damn, and I just jumped on a new Steam SSD last week with the 15% off eBay coupon. Good deal.
I found that brand to be pretty reliable and fast for a 500gb drive I bought a few years back
Too many 1 star reviews on Amazon saying it's garbage which is why I only own Samsung SSDs.
The whole point for SSD drives is that they are suppose to last a long time and be dependable.
I guess that really depends on the use-case. The two PCs I dropped them in only have space for one 2.5” storage drive, and neither stores anything so critical that I would miss anything that would be lost in the event of a drive failure.

I do get the point, and aside from the firmware issue on some of their models at one point, the Samsungs are solid drives. I just wouldn’t spend that kind of money on the PCs I purchased the Adatas for.
I vaguely remember adata also makes a true 1tb drive not much more last sale

edit it's here but sold out

but I'm not buying adata, this is just a sign ssd prices are finally getting to reality so there will be other sales

It's only $3 more on Amazon but unless it goes on sale it doesn't seem like as much of a deal the SU650 (even though the SU800 is faster).

Nothing wrong with Adata IMO, they're not top-tier premium like Samsung but I wouldn't put them on my avoid list either. This is the cheapest 1TB SSD I've ever seen and would make a great upgrade for someone still stuck on a spinner or hybrid drive who needs lots of space.