Fully [H]
Apr 10, 2003
According to reports, video game publisher Nexon is up for sale. Nexon founder Kim Jung-joo and his wife Yoo Jung-hyun are seeking to sell their 98.64% equity stake in the company. But the sale is complicated as NXC only own 47.98% of shares in Japan. "Nexon Korea is a wholly owned subsidiary of Nexon Japan." In addition regulatory rules could see major parts of Nexon not included in the sale such as NCSoft and Netmarble. Regardless of the mess that the sale will create, suitors are lining up to purchase the company. Activision Blizzard, EA, Walt Disney, Tencent, and lots of U.S. private equity funds that are willing to fund video game companies against the financial might of China's Tencent. It is reported that the shares available for sale exceed 10 trillion won or ($8.9 billion).

A foreign IB official said, "In Japan, securing more than one-third of the total stake in the company is an obligation to acquire a tender offer against a minority shareholder in order to become the largest shareholder," he said. "If this is not enough funding, It's hard. " For this reason, it is expected that participation of Nexon in domestic game companies such as NCsoft and Netmarble will be difficult.
If only I had the money...I certainly wouldnt spend it on this. ;)