'New Senders ' Folder in Outlook


Limp Gawd
Oct 12, 2006
Back in March, our business experienced a server hiccup that resulted in it being reset. Ever since then, a 'New Senders' folder under each of my accounts has been catching every incoming email. These folders appear to be subfolders in each of my inboxes that I can't get rid of despite having rules and filters that should bypass them. Does this have to do with my contacts no longer being recognized? If so, that creates another mystery. I have Googled this issue and have found zilch. I can't believe there isn't a ton of info out there on this. Any help or insight you could provide would be hugely appreciated.



Supreme [H]ardness
Jul 9, 2002
"a server hiccup that resulted in it being reset. " -----> what kind of server? domain controller, exchange server, web server?
"under each of my accounts has been catching"------> your server logon accounts (domain accounts) or you mean email profiles in Outlook?, does the problem happen to everyone in the business? what if you tried Outlook on another PC? does the problem follow you ?

What type of email are you using ? Exchange, POOP, IMAP
Have you look in webmail (if there is one for your email type) to see if the 'Sender' folder is there