Need a laptop. Need advice


Sep 26, 2002
I want a good gaming laptop that's no bigger than 15 inches. I'd prefer 12-14in but if 15 is it, 15 is it. Primary applications are Starcraft, Diablo, TF2 and Battlefield 3.

The only requirement I have is that it's not made by Alienware.

I have a M15x and I just don't like their build quality at all :(

I'll check back early and often if people have questions or feedback. Thanks in advance!

=-> Jessie


Gif Guy
May 12, 2011
Good and 12-14" doesn't really work too well. I've had several Alienware's in the past, and the build quality has never been a problem. My M17x I received not too long ago has absolutely top notch build materials, and feels quite expensive, not to mention that it mangles most desktop's. Unless you plain didn't take care of your laptop, I can't see how build quality is an issue.


Limp Gawd
May 15, 2008
I'd recommend looking at or Alienware did just open up their M14x R2. Be warned that the keyboard sucks on most of the 'custom built' laptops. Going to MSI or ASUS laptop wouldn't be a bad idea.


Limp Gawd
Mar 10, 2011
Asus has a reputation for terrible keyboards...not sure about MSI. Also, I've heard mostly great things about AW keyboards, particularly on the larger M17x and M18x. Maybe the smaller ones are a differnet story? Doesn't really matter though since teh OP doesn't want AW.
Jun 14, 2012
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hope this helps...