Need a Core 2 board with AGP and DDR1 support


Feb 7, 2004
I am going to be getting a Core 2 Duo and mobo for a pretty nice price, but the problem is that I do not want to shell out any more cash for new ram and a new video card. I already have a Geforce 6800 AGP and 1.5GB of DDR400. I found this ECS board:
which seems to be exactly what I need, but I was wondering if anyone was aware of a similar board but of higher quality.
I have one of thoes boards from frys in a C2D 6300 combo ($169) with 1GB PC3200. It works fine, it's no where near as speedy as my C2D 6400/DS3/DDR2 combo, but for a board that supports old parts it works. Just don't expect any OCing.

I belive Asrock also makes a AGP/DDR board for the C2D.

Edit: wasn't foxconn I was thinking of.
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J/K - Core 2 actually does fine with DDR1, but that AGP slot is going to limit you somewhat. I just don't see the point in spending money on the older motherboard unless you had a 7800GS AGP and 2 x 1Gb of top notch ddr1 400+.

a 6800 is about the same or somewhat slower than a 7600
and your ram looks mix matched. (sizewise) Why not make the move to PCIe & ddr2, with a full fledge intel 965 mobo ? Both standards should last a while.

BTW, this would be my choice, if you wanted to keep your old stuff:

You'll only be able to use 1Gb of your ram. But it will let you migrate to PCIe when you're ready. (though you will take a minor performance hit due to the 4x slot vs. a full 16x).
I'd get the Dual VSTA board over that ECS one. Same chipset, but with the ASRock you can at least upgrade in the future.