Need 980Ti Help


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Mar 15, 2002
Hey guys,

Just getting back into the DC thing, and I'm playing with my first 980Ti, but I'm only getting around 380k PPD, I see people around here getting upwards of 600k or more.

I have a EVGA GeForce GTX 980 Ti SC+ GAMING w/ACX 2.0+ card. It has 1,102MHz core clock and 7,010MHz RAM clock.

What can I do to fix this? Drivers? OC it? Any advice would be appreciated!
a couple of things, PPD is around 20% more in Linux, 2nd, core 21 currently has a 10% slowdown on Maxwell cards due to various bugs in the code - they are currently being fixed. 3rd, over clock the card - not sure what clocks are stable though
Ok, so I should run Linux instead of Win7?

Any good guides out there on how to OC in Linux?
Those people getting ~600K PPD on the 980 Ti are doing so with the Classified edition and ~1500Mhz on the core clock. While the "classified" name shouldn't matter you do need to overclock the core.
It shouldn't be a problem anymore, but also make sure non of your WU's are failing. That will hurt PPD real quick. It used to be a Core 21 problem, but I think they've fixed it recently.
You can't really overclock well in Linux to my understanding. Not on P2 level where the computing process are running, Factory overclock (or BIOS changes) though is (of course) working

I just bought an overclocked MSI 980Ti Sea Hawk (see also review here in the forum). It runs smooth on CentOS 7 with nV355.11 driver. No instabilities yet. Max PPD I saw was 680k; but really depend on the mix of WUs getting assigned (and delayed receiving of WU at PG cost me points). You can see my recent points on EOC

What projects you got assigned ? If you look in the log files: what version of Core 21 your system is running ?
My son's Seahawk gets around 380K some times usually because he leaves a windows with an animated banner. I really don't understand how an advertisement could use 200-250K PPD, but they can. 500KPPD numbers are very real, but little things can work against you. They need at least 8 PCIe lanes, a dedicated process core, no other render jobs beyond simple desktop, drivers don't seem to matter, OC does make a significant difference. With my seahawks, I don't look at the boost freq setting, I look at actual real frequency when folding. When overclocking 1440-1450 is a generally good number to start at, I have not been able to run 1500 without borking the occasional WU. I just set both to 1450, and quit fooling around, I don't have enough hours in my day to fiddle more.

All this comes from Win7/10, since all my machines are built to game. Steam has made some inroads into Linux, but the speed and library is not enough to make me jump.
I'm having issues getting Linux to work on my EVGA X58 motherboard, anyone have any ideas? I get it to load, but when I load the nVidia drivers, it kills the GUI, gets stuck in a login loop.
I was successful with 15.10, and the driver installed, version 352.63 but Folding@Home doesn't see the GPU. Any Advice?
a couple of things, PPD is around 20% more in Linux, 2nd, core 21 currently has a 10% slowdown on Maxwell cards due to various bugs in the code - they are currently being fixed. 3rd, over clock the card - not sure what clocks are stable though

Core 21 WUs have been rebenchmarked. Are the same WUs still lower PPD with the slowdown/rebenchmark for SME?

Also v16 is out for Core21 that is supposed to fix that 8.5% drop. Maybe a possibility of extra PPD.

Does nvidia xconfig see the GPU?
I struggled with Ubuntu 14.04 and 14.10 and left for CentOS 7; no regrets. I still use 12.04 for CPU folding.

This GUI loop I also had despite blacklisting of the 3rd party drivers. CentOS 7 was more reliable to me (and less bloated with software I never used for a dedicated folding rig)
Yeah I got it figured out, woohoo, almost a 20% boost in my PPD. Next 980 Ti gets here tomorrow
If I win the lottery, first thing I'll do is buy 150 980 Ti's and put them in a data center so we can beat EVGA :)
Ok, so I got my second card, but my ppd isn't getting close to double. I was almost at 500k, but adding the second card only gets me to 830k. Any idea as to why?
#1 Linux or Windows ? I avg. between 1.2M and 1.5M PPD with a pair of EVGA 980Ti FTW and a little better with a pair of classifieds on Linux, OCed of course.

I avg a little better than 800k with a pair of EVGA 980 Classifieds 0n Windows, they will hit 1.1 M occasionally so you should be doing better than what you are doing.
Ok, so I'm getting 750k now between the two 980Ti EVGA cards. a 9201 and 9207 WU.

It's Ubuntu Linux 15.10 with nVidia 352.63 drivers.

They are in the first & third PCIe slot on the EVGA X58-SLI3 motherboard.
I'm running WCG in the background, but it's only using 9 cores, so 3 are free at all times. No F@H CPU slots are running.
The prefetch depend on your internet connection. For me it's actually counterproductive as I have 200/100 connection. The few seconds between WU are less then the 99% of a long-running TPF. YMV
GPUs need to be in at least an 8x PCIe slot ... some bioses have choices for this
and you need to have one CPU core ... Per GPU "cut out " to do nothing but service a GPU ... also not all WU use the same F@H cores or give the same PPD ... (luck of the draw)

also the PPD the client displays is an estimate ...and its really bad at it ... there are other addons that are better at estimating

By "addon" you mean..........?
Got it.... not like a plug-in, but more of stand alone apps that I was already familiar with. Thanks for the clarification.
Try driver 346.96 it is the fastest I have found so far. Also do you plan on Overclocking
I would but so far I haven't been able to figure out how on Linux.

How do I install a older driver on Linux?
Ok let's get you started on an OC first bring up a command window and type the command below then type sudo reboot. After reboot open NVidia settings and Overclock options should be available to you. set the fan speed manually if you desire then set GPU clock speed to desired level I would start with a 20Mhz bump and go up from there until you start getting failures. Watch the temps and adjust fan speed as needed I try to stay below 70c

sudo nvidia-xconfig --cool-bits=28
whats the power draw of a 980ti when folding, my 960 is doing Ok but I want MOAR!:D
IDK I have not measured it but I am not using any v bump on the OC I think the FTW cards are 250 or 275 watts. I do know.

I do not trip circuit breakers any more so 2 of them take less that 1100 Watts :D
Based on recording from nVidia-smi
for the week I have my MSI 980Ti sea hawk
Actually I think it beat the PPD/watt ratio of my 970
No sorry, I've been slammed at work. My machine keeps randomly rebooting, don't know why. Really annoyed!!! Need to figure that out first.
Thanks JTG, yeah that butter from the popcorn is a bitch on the fans, oh well, the price you pay for watching you mow people :)
That should work but if you can find a PPA that has the driver then add the PPA to the Ubuntu update manager then let Ubuntu do the work for you. This PPA has 346 If you scroll down the page to where it says Adding this PPA to your system then click on the link to the right that says (Read about installing) it will tell you how to set up the PPA for use. :)