My wallpaper thread.

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Fixed all of the broken links from page 1 to the end!! Sorry about that.
Thank you. It's perfect now. You guys are awesome. Now if I could just get the taskbar to auto hide I'd be golden. This seems to be a common problem with Nvidia SLI.
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Hmm, I feel like doing some graphic design stuff, its been a while. Anyone have any requests maybe for something a little more abstract/textural?
Late to the party it seems, but I'm hoping there's still a chance of getting maybe two wallpapers, pretty please? :)

Here's the logo, finally getting a nice (if not older) Elitebook with a proper Quadro in it, finally. I'm not a gamer but I do some 3D hobby work from time to time so the Quadro options work better for what I do and the drivers are sure as hell more stable. Anyway, I tried to contact Nvidia and ask them for a really big PNG with transparency to work with but they never responded, and in my searches for a decent logo, this was the best one I could find but it's a JPG (I found an NVS logo in PNG but, I want the word "Quadro" in it), so if you can center it and make two wallpapers for me I'd be very grateful:

The two backgrounds I'm hoping for are featured in these posts:

(the first Ubuntu one, with the hexagon background) and:

(the grey with some random horizontal lines, looks almost like a greyed out wood grain, all the images in that post use it).

Thanks in advance if you can manage it. :)

Without being a total dick about it, could I ask for the background to be brightened up a bit, maybe about 20% or so? Not a fan of really dark backgrounds overall but I do have a fondness for medium to light gray, thanks.
Holy thread necro, Batman!!! :D

Yeah, well, I figured I'd take another shot if mullet is still around (says he was active today, actually) and second the request I made years ago for the Nvidia Quadro wallpaper. I contacted Nvidia - wasn't easy, had to track down an email address and what I ended up getting was the CEO's, literally, so I sent off my request to get that Quadro logo in post #299 above in a larger higher resolution format. Jensen (the CEO) sent it down the ladder of command through some art directors and one of them provided me with several logos but sadly none of them are the actual Quadro logo I found pictured above. So mullet, if you're still into artwork and have the time, is there a chance you could take something from the logos they sent me and create something wicked that shows off the fact that I use a Dell mobile workstation powered by an Nvidia Quadro? If you're too busy or just not into this anymore I completely understand and thank you again for the stuff you did create and share with all of us in the past.

I've created an archive of the logos and it's at this link on Google Drive (about 1.9MB RAR archive) - I'm hoping that perhaps if you're able to do it to shift the logo(s) off to the upper right side of the wallpaper as I tend to use my Taskbar along the left side of the display.

Anyway, hope things are going well for you and you're still into your artwork, if you're able to whip up some digital magic I'd be forever grateful, so thanks in advance regardless. ;)

Almost forgot: I've got a native resolution of 1920x1080 but if you could do the wallpapers at 3840x2160 that would be awesome as I intend to get a 4K external display here soon, thanks again.
Not quite, no. :) But it's cool, no worries. Was hoping to get the logo centered on the wallpaper background (which I like, that's a great one, bright like I like and not so dark, can't stand totally dark themes or wallpapers) and of course the logo larger. Still kinda pissed that Nvidia itself wouldn't provide me with a large version of their own damned logos but whatever. I'll make use of that one you just created so, thanks. :)
brb, I haven't done graphics in a while sense the great format. :)
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