'Murica's New Supercomputer Beats China's


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May 18, 1997
The United States has just brought back home the World's Fastest Supercomputer crown with Summit. Oak Ridge National Laboratory has a bit more information on what is on the inside. IBM and NVIDIA all mixed up with NVLink.

Summit will have a hybrid architecture, and each node will contain multiple IBM POWER9 CPUs and NVIDIA Volta GPUs all connected together with NVIDIA’s high-speed NVLink. Each node will have over half a terabyte of coherent memory (high bandwidth memory + DDR4) addressable by all CPUs and GPUs plus 800GB of non-volatile RAM that can be used as a burst buffer or as extended memory. To provide a high rate of I/O throughput, the nodes will be connected in a non-blocking fat-tree using a dual-rail Mellanox EDR InfiniBand interconnect.
This is China now.

Would be something to boast about if only the parts were made here...
I don't think 'Murka was ever really gone from this "race". It was a lead change.

There will be more. Honestly that's probably good for our entire species.

Right up until the super computers realise humans are shit.
200 petaflops in 8424 sq ft.

I'd love to see a graph of total computing power per nation, on a sq/ft kw/hr rating.
"Peak Power Consumption: 15MW"


Imagine how colossal the draw would be if they were using those Intel demo chips.
The CPUs are made at IBM's advanced semiconductor manufacturing plant in Hudson Valley, New York.

Ahh yes... and right from the Valley I am from baby. :D

GlobalFoundaries is Located in East Fishkill. Acquired the foundary from IBM themselves and is doing there 14nm's.
Too bad Quantum computing will be redefining data. Until they can get a hold on it though, ARMS RACE!
In other news- The United States saw its latest and greatest supercomputer hacked by a North Korean teenager whilst taking a break from mining gold for World of Warcraft.