Most solid MB for under $100


Limp Gawd
Jul 4, 2007
I want to replace my MB only because it's PCI slots don't work. So I'm not too concerned with getting better performance I just want something reliable that won't come DOA.

My current MB is a ABIT IP35, the first one I bought came DOA, so I sent it back to ABIT paid for shipping and they send you back a refurbished one, a couple years later I try to install a PCI and find out none of the slots work.
Ary you OCing any ?

(Check that card in another known to work computer, it could be the card)

Under $100

I recommend Intel P45 chipset.

Trouble is most enthusiast boards (overclocking bios settings) for under 100 are the "lite" versions and while they OC well are a marginal choice for heavy OC's or running a Quad OCed as the boards lack the heavy duty components in the cpu voltage regulators and the upgraded cooling for Mosfets and MCH/Northbridge. However very servicable boards and inexpensive if a mild OC is all that is desired or attention is paid to case airflow over the board etc. even higher OC.

Asus or Gigabyte is what most people here run.

Download the manuals for both and see if there are any features you must have that one does not have etc. etc. and then look over the bios and see which bios layout/labeling/functions are the best most understandable for you. See the warranty and RMA policy for each company.

Please come back to the site and click through a Newegg ad if and when you decide to buy and decide to use newegg.

If you go gigabyte I have a comprensive guide to all the bios settings and a general OCing guide that might be helpful. Little dated, you might have a few options not listed but a good into to Gigabytes bios settings regardless and overclocking in general.
what about this one, the only thing I see different is the south bridge, it has better ratings and costs 15 less:

Sure, just does not have the RAID version of the Intel southbridge and if you dont use raid for your hard drives you dont need it.

Otherwise it is the same board, very popular, lots of people here use them with good success. Good well built board, plenty of features, very good price, that thing was $119 when it first came out.