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  • Sending you 3 msgs as it is too long.
    Dont be tempted to spam to 50 with useless posts that gets peoples attention too.
    If a raid HD array has not been created with that board you should be able to replace it with about any board that will take the memory cpu and video card (if equipped). The trick would be to install the new board and boot immedately inot the bios and set you options as needed but disable everything like on-board sound, network chip, serial/parallel ports etc. all the hardware other than the HD. Then reboot and hit F8 as you go into windows and select "safe mode" . In safe mode uninstall all the dirvers for the old board. Check in ADD/Remove programs and in the hardware manager applet. Clean it all out including the video card. Reboot and go back into safe mode and double check Hardware Manager is clean.
    Hey Bill, where do I find the rules... like #16.
    I need to post to find a motherboard but can't put it in the for sale section because of some crazy 50 post rule..
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