Mining on your primary use machine? Who does it?


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Oct 19, 2004
I have not mined on my primary use machine traditionally, and am generally against doing so due to concerns about closed code we can't see - virus/malware etc.

I have a dedicated mining machine (only crypto mining, local login account, no important passwords EVER used, etc), and a primary use machine (banking/crypto wallets/general use etc)

Lately I've been physically moving my 3080 gaming card back and forth from my primary machine to my mining machine once a day or so to play CyberPunk. Since the card makes close to $10 a day I want it working when I'm not gaming. Obviously I'd rather not do this...
Does anyone have a single pieced of software/algorithm they trust and have a positive history with? I was considering installing TREX Eth Miner on my primary use machine and just mining ETH to MPH, but decided not to when I was reading through their GitHub documentation and it said we advise not installing mining software on your primary use machine. I mean, even the first party TREX maintainer states that.

I could use Excavator, but it can only mine to NiceHash pools - which is okay I guess, but I'd prefer to mine to MPH.

At the end of the day. One cards gains are NOT worth risking ID theft, crypto wallet stolen etc...

Thoughts? Comfort level?
Jan 12, 2021
I do have Minerstat mining ETH on my only comp, while working on it 8h a day, instead of 115 MH/S i have 105 or even 90 when Youtube is running, I dont have any antivirus thingy, I accept consequences
my 2 cents


May 31, 2017
I use nice hash on my primary rig, but I have 2FA on pretty much everything. I run HIVEOS on my dedicated mining rigs.


Jul 20, 2015
I also mine with my primary and only machine. I learned my lesson with 13 GPUs, I could barely breathe during the summers.
About $4.5/day (2080 Ti), which is fine, pays for internet and electricity per month, at least so far :)

I use Nicehash. A bit hard to get a hold of my banking account as they will need my phone as well and if someone does, there isn't much there anyway, lol.


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Jul 19, 2013
I started using nicehash Sunday on my 3080. I get about $8-10 a day from it.


Sep 5, 2008
I only mine (hash) on "primary" rigs. I have 3 boxes - one is my son's (X99), one is mine (Z390), and one is my "old" gaming box (X99) that now run's VMware's free Hypervisor. I successfully passed a 3080 through via PCI passthrough to a virtual Win10 Pro box and that's my 3rd rig. I have PCIe risers (Ubit) but I haven't been able to procure any 3060 Ti's which I'd use those with.

I am just doing the "easy button" - NiceHash to Coinbase so the risk is minimized. I have a Fortinet FortiGate firewall and I SPAN all of my network traffic and do deep packet inspection and malware sandboxing on it (along with having STIX threat intel to highlight known-bad stuff). So far, so good.