Merry Christmas!

And a happy Saturnalia to you.


And thats not a new hipster micro brewery beer, we Danes have been drinking those since 1968, though the "royal" are a newer twist.
And the oldest commercial X mas beer here are from 1953

There are a range of Easter - x mas and so on beers here, it is after all the preferred legal drug of the Danes.
Feliz Navidad, el Chingon!

...and Merry Xmas to the rest of you!

...or for those who'd like something a little more in line with where we've been:

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Merry Christmas.... and here's to all the folks who are working over the holidays. That includes me.
Thanks for the kind wishes [H]
As for a Christmas wish I would like all [H] fans to check their ad-blockers. As someone who accidentally left mine on and feel so bad, I am reaching out to others not to do the same and correct if needed. [H] gives us the goods and we should act like we appreciate it.
To all [H] staff, thanks for a full year of education and entertainment. The best to you all. Merry Christmas.
Hope everyone had a Merry Christmas! I did what I could to keep the Boulevard Brewing Co. in business.