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Feb 18, 2010
I'm building a new PC for my son for Xmas, and my original plan (like many others) was a Zen 3 cpu, and an RTX 3070 gpu for 1440p gaming. The likelihood of getting my hands on either are pretty slim at the moment, so I found a good deal on a Ryzen 9 3900X. One problem down, one to go.

Obviously, I will need a GPU before Xmas. The only GPU I have at the moment is an RX 580 4gb. So do I hold out hope for a 3070 before Xmas, and keep the 580 waiting as a holdover, or should I purchase a different gpu until I do get the 3070 (likely after Xmas)? If purchasing a new gpu is the answer, what would you recommend? I have no brand preference or loyalty. Red, Green, whichever.


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Feb 1, 2005
Personally, I'd just use the backup 580 until you get what you want and keep trying until then. I might be tempted to buy a new card from someone like EVGA and step up to the card you want, but that's about the only exception I'd make. Unless you get a super good deal on a used 2080 or something.
Nov 13, 2020
My first GPU was really shixxy.

It helped me to appreciate my second one that much more.

Especially because my dad told me that he would match whatever i could come up with.

I never would have looked for a job that summer otherwise. ;)

The RX580 has good overclocking support.

Tell him to overclock and bench it up the wazoo and not to worry about the magic blue smoke.

He will have to rummage through some forums and will have to test a bunch of things.
Learning about voltages and heat dissipation and all the other good stuff.

Until he has learned enough to blow a cap there will be stock again.

And if you must: Whatever site you use for best prices. Register with Email and use the search criteria "133" bucks. Write down what gpus are listed. In general the ram will not matter. The fastet gpu with less ram will be a better choice than vice versa in that price point. Be dilligent and search every day for 5-10 min. Choose the 3 best options and click on the buy link and chill out on the merchants product page.
Check your Emails after a week for 99 buck discounts. That card kindly buy since you may even be reselling without loss.
If you don't come up with 6-8gb gpus raise the search criteria a bit.
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Aug 8, 2003
For GPU, review the FS section and budget around $300 dollars. Get the best card you can find for that price point, used. This way, there is still room for an upgrade, even to a 3070 later down the line without overspending now. You can even sell the card you purchased used for closer to what you paid for it now.