LG L246W

Anyone getting crazy artifacting with the HDMI input? It seems to lose connection then come back repeatedly too. VGA runs fine, but image quality isns't that great. I already replaced the caps and tried different cables.
Just an update - with TThom's help, I was able to do the hardware EDID fix and my monitor no longer has the awful picture shift. Thanks, TThom!!!!
Anyone getting crazy artifacting with the HDMI input? It seems to lose connection then come back repeatedly too. VGA runs fine, but image quality isns't that great. I already replaced the caps and tried different cables.

No problems here. Have you tried updating your drivers?
I have one of these for sale if someone is interested. Great monitor, but I've moved on.
My L246WP had the shifted display problem with my new Intel HD4000 graphics adapter on the motherboard of the PC I just built. So I temporarily had to switch to my PCI graphics card.

To fix the problem, I used DDCW as Grey_Ghost did in post #1991. I wasn't able to use Powerstrip because its now in version 3.9 and unless I am mistaken, they took out the ability to write an EDID file to the display.

Instead of creating a DOS floppy disk to run DDCW, I used Nero to create a bootable CD-ROM with the DDCW program and associated files.

I used a variation of tthoms's method to create a modified EDID file. DDCW uses an EDID file format that is slightly different than what Phoenix EDID Designer saves. My solution was to manually change the .dat file extension to .txt. Then I edited it in Notepad and deleted the first three lines. For the remaining lines I deleted the first 5 characters. I ended up with a file looking like the one below, which I named L246WP.txt:

00 FF FF FF FF FF FF 00 1E 6D 3F 56 F5 8B 01 00
01 11 01 03 8E 34 20 78 EA 5A D5 A7 56 4B 9B 24
13 50 54 A5 4B 00 A9 40 81 8F B3 00 81 4F 81 80
01 01 01 01 01 01 28 3C 80 A0 70 B0 23 40 30 20
36 00 B0 44 11 00 00 1A 48 3F 40 30 62 B0 32 40
40 C0 13 00 B0 44 11 00 00 1E 00 00 00 FD 00 38
4B 1E 53 11 00 0A 20 20 20 20 20 20 00 00 00 FC
00 4C 32 34 36 57 50 0A 20 20 20 20 20 20 00 2D

The numbers in the above file are for EDID version 1.3

In Nero's New Compilation dialog, I selected 'CD-ROM (Boot). Then I dragged the DDCW files along with my L246WP.txt file into the Nero file list window and burned the CD.

I booted my PC from the CD-ROM and entered the command "ddcw -f L246WP.txt -A=1". After about a minute or so DDCW reported success! Now my L246WP no longer has the display shifted left with my onboard video ( Intel HD 4000 ).
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Great info, I will try, too.. Because I found, after modified EDID, there is no sound on the right side audio-out port.. After all, I didn't try before, so..

I tried change to back with Powerstrip, but din't work with HD4000..

Btw, is there anybody how use that port for audio out?

Extension block: 0 = Picture is OK, HDMI audio isn't working..
Extension block: 1 = Picture is shifted, HDMI audio is working.

Great development...:confused:
I genuinely miss mine. Screen started flickering about 2 years ago, after 6 months of trying to fix it I eventually replaced it.

Still a great monitor.
Haven't used mine in a while. Still waiting for something new to come out. 4k 120Hz OLED?
I really love this monitor. It's still going strong even after nearly 7 years of constant use!

However....I'm wondering if anyone is using this with windows 8.1. The fonts look completely blurry regardless of what font settings I use. I understand that 8.1 changed font grayscale anti-aliasing. Has anyone managed to make the font look good with this display? If so, what settings did you ultimately settle on?

Hi everyone,

I have a strange problem with the component input. I have hooked up my PS3 via component cable to the monitor and the colours are just awful. I have tried many things, including resetting the PS3 video preferences, but the colours are still incorrectly displayed and the overall picture is quite dark (even on brightness 100). The PS3 runs at 1080i.
I also have my PC plugged into the HDMI port and if I change to HDMI and turn on PiP option, the PS3 picture is displayed correctly, but it's so small, it's virtually unplayable.

Can anyone tell me if there is a way to mend those colours and brightness so I can actually play in full screen?

Thank you!
i have lg l245wp monitor which is similar to the l246w with the bad edid.

seems like the latest ati drivers made the dvi ports use the bad edid settings now.

Before it worked fine in dvi port while hdmi port looks mess up.

Now both hdmi and dvi port connection looks just as bad.

I am wondering is there a way to make the latest ati drivers to stop using the bad edid information and display it just like what it use to with older drivers.