Is my CPU/RAM likely a bottleneck?


Feb 5, 2007
Im looking at possibly upgrading my build, my GPU is a 1080 so thats fine at the moment:

Other Specs:
Monitor: Dell S2716DGR 2560x1440p 144 GSync
GPU: Nvidia GTX1080 Founders Edition
Mobo: Asus Z87-A LGA 1150
CPU: I7-4770 3.4
SSD: Samsung 840 Pro 256GB
HDD: Seagate Barracuda 2TB
Unfortunately i cant find this in my purchase history and dont want to pry my computer apart to find out, what i do know is its 16GB of DDR3.

Is my cpu/ram actually potentially acting as a bottleneck? Or would upgrading either of those (obv need a new mobo too) completely pointless? I would also potentially want a different PSU, as the cables on mine are a bit short to really run through the back of the case. and have it looking as clean as i like.

Also do have a sound card, soundblaster Zx

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Yes, you should upgrade to a Thread Ripper rig immediately to catch all the FPS you can.

Seriously, are you having any difficulties in any games? If so, which ones?


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Aug 17, 2005
cpuz can show you most everything about your ram if your say its unlikely a bottleneck that spending money on faster/more ram is justified. Sure even i would love to have double the amount of the fastest memory but its a really bad investment unless your planning on using that system for many more years....If i could get it for under a hundred bucks then maybe:)

Of course completely starting over is what ill do when the 7nm cpus goes mainstream