Intel to Buy eASIC

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    Intel is buying another Santa Clara chipmaker, eASIC. eASIC builds programmable chips for its customers, something which Intel moved into with its acquisition of Altera Corp in 2015. 120 people from eASIC will join Intel's current programmable solutions group. This purchase should allow Intel customers to custom tailor a chip's programming at the factory. This could allow a much faster path to a custom Application-Specific Integrated Circuit than a company doing it on their own.

    “Instead of getting programmed in the field, it gets programmed in the factory,” Dan McNamara, who heads Intel’s programmable solutions group, told Reuters in an interview. “It still costs hundreds of thousands of dollars, but you get it done in four months as opposed to two years.”

    While Intel designs all of current programmable chip lineup, it uses its own foundries to physically manufacture the most advanced models but Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co Ltd (2330.TW) for lower-end ones, McNamara said. The chips from eASIC are currently manufactured by TSMC and GlobalFoundries, he said, but no decisions have been made about whether Intel will start manufacturing eASIC’s chips.
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    Love or hate Intel, this plan does play to their strengths so as long as they price is appropriately and give it the support and resources it needs this could work out well for them.
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  3. ASICs and graphics cards...hmmmm *rubs chin*
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    I often go to great lengths to prove a point. In today's world, not giving them any money is proving easy. Love them or hate them, they're not only viable player in any segment any more. It's done. Sure, they are big but not that big. Fuck them.
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    I don't think they're done , not by a long shot. Intel's got a lot of runway even with their latest mess This is more of a side move.
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    Intel took Altera's bad failure support and made it catastrophically terrible hope they don't bork up eAsic too much for their customers sake.
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    No change in there stock. Interesting!
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    Truth I mean look at the ****hole of a mess AMD has clawed it's way out of? That situation was a lot more bleak than Intel's current rampant and evident, but addressable woes.