Intel EOLs Atom Chip Used for Microsoft HoloLens

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    Intel is discontinuing the processor used in Microsoft’s HoloLens this Fall: customers have been asked to place their final orders on the Atom x5-Z8100P SoC by September 30, as final shipments will be made on October 30. The current-generation HoloLens was released last year with this very same Atom chip, and there is little word on what Microsoft will replace it with, being that the successor has been architected differently and tipped to run an AI co-processor.

    While the device will run Windows 10 and will be equipped with an HPU, it will also feature an AI co-processor integrated into the latter that will use neural networks to enable object and voice recognition skills without the need for an Internet connection. The HPU 2.0 with the programmable AI co-processor will be a self-sufficient device that will run on battery power of the next HoloLens (hence, its power consumption will not be too high). The HPU 2.0 and the AI co-processor were designed entirely in-house and therefore are tailored for usage model of the HoloLens.
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    Right around the time that bear crapped in the woods.
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    Didn't microsoft say that they won't give updates for computers running EOL processors?
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