Intel Confirms Oregon Fab Plans

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    Mar 3, 2018
    About two weeks ago, Oregon Live published a report claiming that Intel is preparing to spend "billions" on a massive expansion to their D1X research factory. Yesterday, Intel confirmed the report, telling the 50 residents near the research facility's campus that it will "build a third phase," as well as a technology building with generators, utilities, and parking to support the complex. While Intel didn't give out many details, sources in Oregon's construction industry allegedly told the publication that Intel hopes to begin construction "in the first half" of 2019.

    Intel announced in December that it will expand production capacity in Oregon, Ireland and Israel beginning in 2019. Monday night's neighborhood meeting is the first time the chipmaker has provided any public details of those plans. Intel's new factory will be the third phase of D1X, a massive factory Intel began in 2010. Each of the first two phases were 1.1. million square feet, creating a combined facility equivalent to 15 Costco warehouse stores. The third phase will apparently increase D1X's manufacturing space by about 50 percent, based on images of the new factory presented Monday night... Intel develops each new class of microprocessor there, then duplicates the manufacturing process at factories around the world. Intel will also add a support building with utilities and other manufacturing services, and more parking.
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    I'm going on record saying I actively use Intel CPUs over AMD (I have one Ryzen 1700 and 4 Intel CPUs).

    For all the people that continued to brag about how 10nm/7nm was gonna immediately change the game for Intel... It's gonna be a while, like I have been saying all along.
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    I see so many announcements like these from so many companies when they're brown nosing for good will or tax concessions, at least ten times a year, every year. I shall remain sceptical of all of these announcement in any place from any company until shit is not just starting, but in full swing.
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    I was in the area Friday, and they are indeed moving forward from what I was told by a few people in the know. It will be good for Intel, as their processes are great when they work properly. IT would be nice to start seeing close to 6Ghz clocks (where we will peak on silicon) at best depending on the pipeline of their new designs etc.
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    Should've built in SC. Clean room wouldn't smell like pot, and we appreciate our jobs.