Intel Begins Multiyear Manufacturing Site Expansion Projects at Its Foundries

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    Intel has begun planning manufacturing site expansions and improvements to meet the growing demand for Intel products in the datacenter. Intel has shifted focus from a PC-centric company to a data-centric company to compete for the $300 billion total addressable market for silicon in solutions that process, analyze, store and share information. Intel strives to diversify its portfolio of products as it competes for contracts in expanding market sectors such as autonomous vehicles, smartphones, cloud computing, and more.

    This has led to Intel formulating a plan to have additional fab space at-the-ready to quickly respond to ever changing market demands for products. By negotiating permits with local governments and communities well in advance, Intel will be able to reduce its time to increase supply by 60%. Intel will continue its selective use of foundries for certain technologies. To continue to create the world's best silicon, Intel will have to ensure that it has the global manufacturing footprint necessary to meet demands as its business expands.

    This year, we raised our capital expenditures forecast and put that money to work expanding our 14nm manufacturing capacity to increase supply. We also made good progress on the previously announced schedule for Fab 42 fit-out in Arizona, and we made the decision to locate development of a new generation of storage and memory technology at our manufacturing plant in New Mexico. Looking ahead, we are now in the early planning phase for manufacturing site expansions in Oregon, Ireland and Israel, with multi-year construction activities expected to begin in 2019.
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