Intel Acquires Indian Startup for GPU Talent

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    Mar 3, 2018
    The Times of India reports that Intel corporation acquired the Indian chip design startup Ineda Systems in an "all cash deal sealed last week" for an undisclosed amount. While Ineda seemingly specializes in low-power IoT hardware and autonomous driving technology, chipzilla is said to be more interested in the startup's GPU making talent. On their IoT page, Ineda does advertise several technologies that Intel's rapidly growing graphics division might be interested in, such as I/O Virtualization, a "secure and highly efficient inter-processor communication infrastructure using CPU Link services," and architectural designs that can "improving the power consumption by an order of magnitude" when compared to traditional IoT processors.

    Ineda Systems founder Dasaradha Gude confirmed the development, but refused to divulge any details. When TOI reached out to Intel, officials confirmed the deal but they too declined to disclose transaction details. "Intel acquired engineering resources from Ineda Systems, a silicon and platform services provider based in Hyderabad. This transaction provides Intel with an experienced SOC (system on chip) team to help build a world-class discrete GPU business," an Intel spokesperson told TOI.
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    Maybe intel should aquire powervr, apple dumped their gpus so they're ripe for picking.
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    Didn't even realise they were still in business, last i heard of them was the Kyro 2 card...thats going back a while.
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    A lot of the IP the powerVR owns has been replicated else ware internally with Intel's current products or is outclassed by the cross licenses that Intel has access to from the AMD side of things.