I like this kid's reasoning(s) about 11 series release date

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    Nov 27, 2016

    the following is a good view as well, I think anyways

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    Hopeful thinking in video, Nvidia could also work with the AIBs so all the cards become available, with all the AIBs doing marketing as well to push the new series out at the highest price possible delaying the launch. September does seem to be a good time frame, if the 1180 outperforms the 1080Ti nicely then it can take the $699 slot, 1080 Ti the $599 slot and the 1080 the $499, 1070Ti $399 with 1070 $349 slot for awhile before the 1170 comes out. Add in some discounts with the older series and the older inventory may sell decently. All price targets would be hit. Anyways a number of ideas or thinking could be made and come true or not.
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    Yeah that's fine.

    Seems reasonable, which is why it probably won't happen
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