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    1. blackcactus
      HI, i saw your topic about GeForce 710 and Dell 380. Is this card working for You? Have You Dell 380 SFF or tower?
      I want to buy 710 due to PCI-Express limitations (25Watt only in Dell 380 SFF). I have found a ZOTAC card that is great for me. Thx
      1. craigdt
        I did not go the 710 route. I plugged an old GT 640 in and it's working okay. I am considering upgrading to the GT1030- have not really explored this option much, but they do make several slim profile models for about $60. However, I did just upgrade to a Core2 Duo E8500 from an E7500. This got me an extra 10fps in Dota2. Let me know how things turn out for you- I'm sure the 710 would be a great upgrade for you.
        Aug 30, 2017
      2. craigdt
        Forgot to mention- mine is the SFF with the 250 watt power supply.
        Aug 30, 2017
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    i7 3770, EVGA 1060 3GB, 2TB Barracuda, MonoPrice 27" 1440 Premium WQHD
    3D Mark11- 13,067; Firestrike- 9,657; Cinebench R15 OpenGL- 91.21, CPU- 674;
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