I deep fried my computer, literally!

4keatimj said:
Yeah, but you Americans are just weird... :p Its funny, we have at least 3 ball sports that are called football, not including soccer (which we call soccer, oddly enough).

Awesome post dude, where exactly do you live? Was it fairly cold room temp to keep the system running, or a fairly normal? Love the theory work, you just made my night :D I wonder what kind of system is needed to deep fry foods without any external heating...
I live in Melbourne. Ambient room temp was about 18C. But it didn't really matter - most of the CPU and video card core was under the oil anyway.

And yeah, that's a ghost. They were originally smiley faces, but the company expanded their products and introduced a ghost. They're basically "french fries", except shaped differently.
Sc4freak said:
I live in Melbourne. Ambient room temp was about 18C. But it didn't really matter - most of the CPU and video card core was under the oil anyway.

Ahhh I love it. Nice work mate, you've shown that something weird yet ingenious can always be done with computers. warmace is right, needs some sort of circulation, just to help the cooling. I'm sure you can start a trend on these forums with that, mind you :D
InorganicMatter said:
Also, I hope you realize that those fries most likely have a lot of lead in them. You didn't eat them, did you?

My thoughts exactly! what other chemical goodies are in a computer that, when boiled in oil, would like to come out and play with the food youre cooking - lead, mercury, lithium, stuff in thermal paste. Enjoy a shortened life :rolleyes:

On another note - i've been looking to use immersion cooling for a few years now using mineral oil. my one concern though is hard drives, which require air internally to function. There's a lot more to sealing it if youre gonna make it look good too, soooo i just havent.

other den dat, excellent work OP
Wow... Completely awesome!! I will always remember you as the guy who deepfried his PC. Long live Sc4freak!! :D
This should be shared with the world

best thing I have read all day. when I read the title i was thinking you dropped the computer in a deep fryer or something, but this is way better :D

Most [H]ard Indeed
This has to be a joke..

Or as we say at the "other" genmay...SHENS. :D

edit- I doubt that old P2 mobo was RoHs certified...you ate chips marinated in nice lead solder. :p
15,000 views with >60 posts. Is that a non-sticky thread record?
I heard that stuff gives you the hershey squirts. Next I suppose you'll be submerging your poor computer in THAT...
That's great!!

Good thread to read on a Monday morning.

It's kinda making me feel like having Wendy's for lunch today :D
Crazy post lol.

BTW are those black boots yours? hehe just kiddin' :D
hapexamendios said:
lol, i call BS, no way a pII 266 could run Q3 ;)

yah you can.

Minimum Requirements - PC

Windows 95/98/NT.
PII 233+.
32 Mb Ram.
Supported 3D card. (3dfx Voodoo1 Absolute minimum).
128 Mb free hard disk space.

Anyways, taht is definitely not healthy if u rly did eat them.
wow... this is something you dont see every day. but 1 question remains... How did he do in quake while frying?
Let this be a lesson to all those people who say "OMG 50C is too hot!!!!"

Computers are a lot more robust than you think....
Picssss are gone
someone plz repost the pics plzß
I saw this thread linked on the Good Morning Silicon Valley newsletter.

Moar pics plz!