HWUB/Techspot adds more games, 5700XT falls further behind 2070 Super.


Supreme [H]ardness
Apr 14, 2010
Well, you can't really play 3DMark, but it does prove that AMD is in the game.
Really having a blast or great experience so far with the 5700 XT 50th, I think I would be hard pressed knowing the performance difference between the 2070s and the 5700 XT. In fact the 5700 XT may win out due to what I see as better support for FreeSync eco-system. I am weary with YouTube videos that don't push the cards to their limits and see what the full potential is. Still that is also luck of the draw at times getting a good sample. If Hardware Unboxed gave a reference point, such as 3DMark one could compare to other systems. Meaning the 2070 S was 6% overall at 1440P. I get over 10% more by OCing which would show up with a comparison using a fixed benchmark like 3DMark, which could mean in my case I would be 4% roughly faster overall. In any case 6% is so meaningless that I would sure go for the $100 in my pocket or get an Anniversary edition and save $50 with hopes of getting a better binned GPU (which was the case for me).

Anyways this whole thread has been very comical, hope folks just enjoy their purchase and actually use it for what it was designed for.