HPE Branded vs Non-branded Memory Compatibility


Oct 25, 2013
I ordered a HPE ProLiant DL325 G10 server which comes with a AMD EPYC P7401 CPU & 32GB (2x16GB) DDR4 2666MT/s 2Rx8 RDIMMs. I would like to upgrade the RAM to either 8x 16GB or 32GB sticks (depending which I can get a better price on). I'm wondering if there will be any issues with non-HPE branded RAM as that is what I am eyeing to buy since it's much cheaper. Assuming I get the exact same RAM modules sold by HPE but without the HPE sticker, will everything work just as it would if I got the HPE branded RAM? I'd like to hear your input on this if you have any experience dealing with HPE servers & RAM. It would be much appreciated. Oh and lastly if you know a great source where to purchase RAM for a great price it would be much appreciated.
It is normally fine and functions as expected, you may have trouble with support wanting to assist if you encounter certain issues that would call it into question.