HP LP3065 30" Widescreen LCD Monitor with Ergotron Desktop Monitor Arm

can i ask where you might source a monitor arm i need 3 like the one your selling
you could try typing "monitor arm" or "ergotron monitor arm" into amazon or ebay for starters. if you need something for triple monitors I'd get a mount designed for that rather than having to constantly adjust three individual arms so that all the screens are even.

and there's this HP rebranded ergotron which is somewhat similar in size to the one I'm selling but I'm not sure if its as heavy duty. http://www.amazon.com/HP-BT861AT-Single-Monitor-Arm/dp/B00455GH58/
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i did the model you are selling went eol years ago, i just figured i'd look into the one you had cuz i know it supports 30s