How to setup up BOINCStats BAM!


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Jan 29, 2006
To set up BOINCStats BAM!, you will first need to register for an account.

Go to

Click on Register


Enter the user name that you want.
Enter the email address (note: make sure it is the same that you use at ALL BOINC projects or you will have lots of troubles)
Enter and confirm the password that you want. (note: make sure it is the same that you use at ALL BOINC projects or you will have lots of troubles)
Enter any other details you want and click Register

Now, check your email for a confirmation link


Click the link to confirm


And you now have an account with BOINCStats as well as the BAM! portion of it.
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Now to set things up, you will want to log into your account.


Enter your newly created username (not the email address) and password.
If you want to remain logged in, check the Remember me box.
Click Login
Next we are going to start signing up or associating projects to your account.

On the top left of the page, you will see the My BAM! menu.
Click on Sign-up for projects


This will bring up a listing of all active BOINC projects currently supported by BOINCStats.
Here you can either use BAM! to create an account at a project or if you have already set one up, it can locate your account.


If you need to locate an account you already created, just hit the magnifying glass. If it finds your account, the project will just disappear from the list. That is a good thing.
Creating an account will have the same behavior as finding an account in that it will remove the option from your list.
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You can confirm that the project was added by going to the BAM! menu again


Click on My projects


You should see the newly added project


If you already have hosts already attached to that project because you already had an account and was crunching it, click on the networking looking icon under show hosts.


Here you will find various options such as attaching the host again, detaching the host (by unchecking), setting the client to No New Work (so that it stops pulling work from that project), delayed detatch (which means don't ask for more work and detach as soon as work if finished & uploaded), etc..
By default, clients attached to BAM! will check in (or attempt to) every 6 hours.
If you would like to change that duration, go to the My BAM! menu in the top left.


Click on BAM! settings


Click on Edit
You can either type in the number of hours or use the slider bar.
You can also tell BAM! to detatch from projects that BOINCStats has deemed "retired". This is pretty much any project that has ended, appears abandoned, or has gone for very long periods (months to years) with no work at all.
Click Save to keep and apply your changes.
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Next, you will want to associate your account to the team if you haven't already done so manually at the projects page.
Again, from the top left under My BAM! Menu, click on Teams


For any project you want to change, click the check box to select it.
Click on Change/join team


By default BOINCstats appears


For all BOINC projects except WCG we use [H]ard|OCP. For WCG we use HardOCP
Click Search

It will bring you back to this page but will have a drop down box.
Click the drop down box.


Choose the correct team name from the drop down box.
Click Change/join team.


It should tell you if you Successfully joined.
You can also verify that it was added once you have points that have exported from the project by going to your My BAM! menu at the top left.
Click on My detailed stats


Click on the Project list tab

To attach your hosts to a project by default (or automatically) when attaching BAM! to your BOINC client, click on your My BAM! menu in the top left.


Click on My projects.
You will see all of the projects you have accounts set up with BOINCStats and associated to your account.
You can set Resource shares, Attach new host by default, Options (which are connect all hosts or detach all hosts now - meaning when they check in next), Show hosts, and stats.
If you want to attach to WCG on every machine you set up, you would just check the box under Attach new host by default?. I personally recommend doing this for WUProp regardless of what projects you attach to as it is non cpu intensive (NCI) and thus does not take a CPU thread from anything else.
If you just want to attach specific hosts but not all of them, you can click the icon under Show hosts. It will list every host you have attached to BAM! and have the check box options as shown below.
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If you are looking at the Simple view, I suggest you change to the Advanced view.


Simply click on View at the top.
Click on Advanced View.


Now, in the Advanced view, click on Tools at the top. If you have a different client version it may be listed elsewhere such as under Options.
Click on Use Account Manager.


Typically BAM! will be selected by default because it comes first alphabetically.
If it isn't selected, then do so. You will see the URL auto-fill
Click Next


Wait for it to connect.


Enter your account credentials that you created at


Let it finish connecting.


Click Finish.
If it fails, which sometimes it will. Don't worry. Just try again. Sometimes it is the servers, internet connection, client having a hiccup, or just plain mistyping the credentials.
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Q: Why do I see more than one account at Each account has different projects I participate in but I want them all to show up together. What gives?
A: That stats portion of the site is tied together using what is called a CPID. The CPID is created when you create your account at each project and is a unique identifier. The CPID is created using a formula which includes your email address and possibly password as factors. However, since BOINC isn't a central regulated entity, there is no single database to keep track of you. So, the client tries to manage where you are when it comes to multiple projects. The good news is that to merge all of your CPID's is simple. On a single host, connect to all of your BOINC project accounts. That's it. Simple. It won't happen immediately, but it should take place within a day or two. The only exception may be if a project server is down or unreachable. Again, to make all projects use the same CPID, simply attach all projects to at least one client for a few days or permanently if you don't care.

tips: If you are using BAM!, it may associate your CPID during account creation. I cannot confirm but it seems to have less issues. Keep all of your accounts with the same email AND password.

Q: I did a search for my name and I see multiple accounts with my user name, but they are not me. Who are they?

A: Since BOINCStats pulls stats from multiple BOINC projects and someone else could have used your typical handle, it is possible that you are seeing their accounts pull up when searching for your name. Don't worry, their stats are separate from yours as they will have a different unique CPID.

Q: When I try to find my account at WCG, it tells me I have an invalid password. What gives?
A: WCG is the only BOINC project that does the login differently. It has been a known issue for several years but WCG continues to fail to address it. What is happening is that instead of using your email as the username like all the other projects, WCG uses the handle you signed up to use. To fix the issue, you will want to try a few things. As noted a few times in this guide, you will want to make sure you signed up with the same email address as all other BOINC projects and at You will want to make sure you are using the same password as all other BOINC projects and at WCG is also known for not liking special characters in their passwords which is odd since they are one of the most security minded projects. Some people have suggested making your BOINCStats user name the same as WCG, but I do not believe that portion is necessary. After making your email and passwords match, try again.

Q: I have BOINCStats BAM! set up but I don't see any hosts in my host list. What gives?
A: You have to do the process in post 7 of this thread on every PC you want BAM! to manage. Make this a part of your setup procedure when you install BOINC on all new rigs and it should work out fine for you.

Q: Can I use BAM! settings to control PC's that are not mine?
A: Yes. As long as you attached your BAM! account to the BOINC Manager client, you will be able to remotely adjust settings within BAM!.
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