how much temp improvement for AMD 3900X using Arctic Freezer II 360 instead of AMD Wraith cooler?


Sep 20, 2009
I'm interested in this Arctic Freezer cooler as a replacement for the AMD Wraith cooler, but before I spend the $$$, I would like to know just how much improvement in temps I can expect with the AIO cooler.

Also, are the fans running all the time with the AIO, or are they off at lower temps?

Second choice alternative would be a Noctua NH-D15 air cooler. Same questions.

If it matters, my motherboard is an ASUS Strix-E and I'm still rocking a Corsair 800D case.


May 30, 2018
My 3900X hits about 75C at max load (around 4.1-4.2ghz all core depending on the exact load) with my heavy airflow case and a thermalright Le Grand Macho RT.
This is at a -.1v undervolt and PBO off. (which actually performs better than stock or overvolt with my tests.)
Also hits about 4.7ghz single core, but i imagine that only happens for a few seconds at a time, usually its around 4.5ghz when all cores aren't loaded.

I'd imagine that the AMD arctic freezer II would shave off a a few degrees than that, and maybe get a higher boost clock depending on stock/overvolt, etc.
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