How Bad Cable Management Saved My PC

May 4, 2018
Long ago in the era of single core cpus, I built my first PC. An AMD Athlon xp 2500+. These things were notorious overclockers due to that barton core. One day I got some fast food and left my soda cup on top of the pc case. Well it turns out I was going to Vegas for the weekend and when I came back the soda cup was empty, with the bottom missing! It was one of those paper type cups that you mostly see at fast food places. The acidic properties of the soda must of eaten right through the bottom. The unfortunate thing was that I had a case with a top air vent. All the soda had spilled into the case!. I started to panic. I thought to myself "all my components are toast."

I open the case and notice that my IDE ribbon cables were a dark brown color. I had 2 fat ribbon cables right in the center hanging loosely and unkempt. It turns out that those ribbon cables diverted all that soda like a water slide and emptied it out of the bottom of the case. Sometimes decreasing airflow can give you better soda flow.