Hey guys, been a while

Hey D E, that is why we fold. Wishing your mom a speedy and full recovery: Cheers! /gulp . I also had my appendix out a few years ago and know what it's like so here's one for you too: Cheers! /gulp . The [H]orde always welcomes a member back into the "fold". Now go get us moar D!
Good to hear D.E. I'm glad things are going well. It can be a roller coaster with this stuff and I wish you and your mom the best.

On another note. If anyone is looking for a more immediate way to help out with cancer treatment, check into donating blood platelets. it takes some time because they draw blood, separate the components, then pump the rest back into your arm. Sounds pretty awful, but it's not bad. At the Red Cross center they have laptops and movies you can watch while the machine does it's work. I am usually in and out in about 2.5 hours including the screening. I have a relatively high platelet count so I can give 3 units each time. Check it out.