HDMI switch for a restaurant

Kyle Ren

Feb 2, 2018
Hey guys. Don't know much about AV stuff but just trying to help my uncle with his restaurant. He has a few TVs around his place and wants to show movies / live sports on them. Friends have been telling us to use an hdmi switch https://bzbexpress.com/switchers/hdmi-switch/ . I've also seen a lot on Amazon that are really cheap. First, is a "switch" what we need? If so, does it matter if we get a name brand or OK to go with cheap brands?

Also, will there be a problem connecting to all the TVs reach-wise? Or the switch will handle that? Thanks.
you'll need a powered splitter not a switch. look on Amazon for one that has good reviews with the number of ports you need and is in your price range.
You want a Matrix switcher if you want to route different things to any or all of the TV's.

Or a combo of splitters and switchers.

What sources will he be using? multiple satellite boxes? cable boxes?

something like this, not sure what the cost is though,
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Switch - put one input to one of various numbers of outputs - not what you are looking for probably
Splitter - take one input to a number of various outputs simultaneously - what you are probably looking for.

One thing to watch out for - if your trying to split a cable box or bluray player - those things often require HDCP. It's not insurmountable and splitters exist that can deal with it, just something to keep in mind.

Depending on what your source is, you might be able to also use something lesser/cheaper if the source signal is only 480p/720p. Also if your source has vga or dvi out, those splitters may be cheaper. You might be able to drive two different displays from two different type of outputs--we recently did that on some older digital sign boxes.