Has the Intel Toolbox crashed for anyone else?


[H]F Junkie
Apr 5, 2001
What could cause the Intel Toolbox to just freeze up an otherwise stable Win7 (x86) system? (it hard locks) I walked my cousin thru the process of flashing his Kingston 40GB X25-V equivalent w/Intel's TRIM firmware and everything went smoothly, TRIM is working fine on it. (40GB Intel SSD w/TRIM for $75, what a steal) Then we proceeded to edit a hex value on the Toolbox .exe to make it compatible w/the drive and it seemed to have worked (the program started recognizing the drive, which it didn't before) but I guess maybe the value wasn't the right one because it freezes the entire system when trying to run the Optimizer or even accessing SMART data.

Other than that it's working fine, I just told him to ignore it, shouldn't need the Toolbox anyway... We got the value necessary to make the Toolbox compatible w/other drives from the same guy that figured out how to flash the drives w/Intel's firmware so I would think he knows what he's doing (and it seemed to work for others anyway). I figured maybe it was some sorta compatibility issue w/his netbook's controller and the Toolbox.