Has anyone tried Threadripper 3 and Windows 7 ?


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Mar 28, 2017
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Oct 20, 2010
Alright, so I built up a machine with a 2990WX and asus ROG Strix X399-E Gaming Mobo. I updated the bios with the Win 7 64 version found on the Asus website. I am having trouble getting the USB ports to work, therefore not allowing me to go through the setup of windows 7.

I was able to get to the Win 7 setup screen, but just can't enter any information. I did some research and purchased the old PS2 style mouse and keyboard with a PCIE to PCI card, then I plugged in a PCI to PS2 card. When I boot the computer I am still unable to use the mouse and keyboard. Do you have any suggestions?

I also have an older computer running Windows 7 that I could use to load win 7 onto another SSD, would this be of any benefit or speed up the process? Thanks for any help you guys can provide. Also if there are any videos out there of someone setting this up it would be a huge help, the only video i found was
But I am afraid to use the chipset and drivers he is using because I am not sure if they would be compatible. As I have said before, I know enough to get myself in trouble and have obviously bit off more than I can chew with the threadripper/Win 7 combo...
Did you try AMD's support page? They list the X399 Chipset drivers here:


It says Win 7/10 is supported.