Google Daydream VR Headset Gets Snapdragon 835 Processor

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    May 18, 1997
    Rowdy Ryan Shrout has a quick write-up on Google's newest Daydream standalone headset. If you have used any of the VR headsets that use your phone for a screen in the past, you have likely found that the experience can be less than good. Many of these devices overheat while using as well. And keep in mind that this type of VR is not the same type of experience you would have gaming on systems like the HTC Vive or Oculus Rift. However, Google is looking to remedy the issues with non-interactive gaming or viewing experiences with better processors and built in batteries.

    First, I expected the free standalone units to have better performance than the phones used as a slot-in solution. With the ability to tune the device to higher thermal limits, Qualcomm and Google will be able to ramp up the clocks on the GPU and SoC to get optimal performance. And, because there is more room for a larger battery on the headset design, there should be an advantage in battery life along with the increase in performance.
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    I can see this being useful for non-gaming scenarios. Virtual tours, online meetings, theme park promotional videos ect. For dedicated GPU intensive experiences? Keep DAYdreaming. . .
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    Sure this will not compete with the rift or vive, but unlike jumping right into dedicated high end high priced HMD's, Google started with some cardboard and lenses. Low cost up front approach, that allows for mass adoption for your VR app. Then daydream... now a stand alone HMD. Something Valve and Oculus can not do, their market is high end only, they cannot go backwards.
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    Seems like we are all growing long beards waiting for OLED tech to mature and drive the prices of VR gear down.
    The tech is there; it has been demonstrated countless times.
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    My daydream looks worse than watching 1990s vhs on 1990s vr on pixel xl. Dont think i will trust google again woth 900$ phone that has 5 yo battery tech
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    So I'm guessing the vr would then connect to your phone with bluetooth? Would that be a fast enough data connection?
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    I think they would be better off making this just a chromecast style device where you could cast VR stuff to it from a computer or phone instead of making it completely standalone.