First Time Team Red - thoughts and ideas?

My monitors only have HDMI - as stated above.

Another reason for me to go Red. 12/8 cant get here fast enough - not that I'll be able to purchase a 6900xt any time soon.

Oh, there is your problem then, G-Sync compatibility mode only works over Display Port.
Follow the path of the data to and from the monitor, check if what you want to do is within the specs of your hardware

Cable and connector/port
Then will your software deliver what you intend to do?

there is little difference between nvidia and AMD but in some areas they are pinnacle.

what you described isn’t one of them but check your current hardware or you suddenly have to jump through rabbit 🐇 holes and you are finding yourself buying other new hardware you hadn’t previously planned 😉
I wanted a 6800XT, but couldn't get one. So I bought the 3080 today. I was disappointed that I couldn't get the AMD GPU, because I wanted a full AMD built because of nostalgia I guess. I totally forgot the fact that my monitor is one of the older Gsync monitors that doesn't support Freesync, so I was kind of glad that I bought the 3080 in the end.
Since you have a Freesync monitor, I would go with 6800XT, but this card is extremely hard to get right now. The 6800 is more common. on 11/25/2020 the AIBs will release their 6000 series line up, I would wait for that and check if more cards become available.

If you don't give a damn about RTX and DLSS, you can go with AMD. If you want to play with RT i would recommend Nvidia.

I will try both myself and then judge.
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the only advice i can give is not to immediately update to new driver. see the review of each new driver update prior