First FB Sprint of 2018 starts on Mar 21, 6:00am/9:00am PST/EST


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Dec 27, 2015

First FB sprint event of the year starts on Mar 22, 13:00 UTC.

Project will be announced on Mar 21, 13:00 UTC or 6:00am/9:00am PT/ET. If the project selected allows you to bunker, please try to do so. See additional info on bunkering here.
Wow, we are not even in top 10 in marathon. Currently at 20th.

It will be interesting if we can pull this off.
Well... at least the Sprint will help us make up ground in the Marathon portion.
Just a reminder

Keep in mind also that for basic chatter and posting numbers and such, to post in the open forum. Strategy specific details post in here. Our team normally has a reputation for sharing information that pushes the science in the long run. Tactics such as where you are moving your rigs or which projects we are focusing on can stay in here.
I'm now bunkering on both CPU and GPU. Unfortunately only 300 tasks downloaded and will finish by tomorrow on both CPU and GPU. I sold off my two maxwell GPUs due to high price but can't use that money to buy any reasonably price GPU. :(

We have strong teams in league two.
Gilthanis, since you are the team captain, wondering if you feel comfortable (no pressure) sending out a one time email to those members who have consented to receive email from the team captain when they register SETI? Again, you don't have to do this as I do understand some folks hate spamming for no apprarent good reason. I thought you did once last year and that was good way to disseminate as the email goes into their inbox rather than spam folder, if I recall correctly last year.
fastgeek we need your army!

But I'm having so much fun irritating Pomegranate over at POGS. :p (Likely that, imho, borger from hell even knows... but still.) Heck, I even allowed the project to show my computers, just to show off my presence in the #2 spot and top 20 in general. ;)
lol you can take the spot back as soon as the sprint is over :p Not like it'll be hard for you to do.

I am about to go in my garage and get my other 4p rig and set it up either in my bathroom or kitchen as those are the only two spots i have for a rig.
Also as soon as I get 100 tasks on my CPU rigs and 200 tasks on my CPU/GPU rigs I will bunker them until they're done... just for the hell of it. ;)

phoenicis you on board?
I have my two GPUs on it ; though no bunker like last years WOW event; given the validation takes time anyway not much need
Wouldn' mind stumbling upon a little cache of i7 6700 / 7600 ESs :p
My motherboards have mostly empty PCIE slots....:(
Darn. I've finished crunching the 300 tasks. Thinking about setting up one BOINC client for my GPU to overcome the 100 tasks limitation.

I doubt Patriot/Eagle07 has 6700/7600's but he may have some xeons available if you could ever get him to ship the damn things.....bwahahahaha
so i have 2 1070's and a 1080ti that are doing "other things" right now but i was planning to switch them over as needed. where should i be directing them?
also should i be moving my cpu's to Seti@home, or something else? i used to do seti@home way back in the day on my p2300 and athalonXP

Are we team [H]ard|OCP on seti?
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so i have 2 1070's and a 1080ti that are doing "other things" right now but i was planning to switch them over as needed. where should i be directing them?
Great. You need to attach SETI@home project to your BOINC manager.

Then choose Seti.

Go to seti@home website and edit your preferences


check GPU or CPU or both.


Somehow we need to get rid of the first one but I know it is a futile exercise.

BTW, since it is only less than 9 hours to the starting line, might as well bunker if you can. Only credits awarded during the event period is counted.
couple more questions. is it normal to see gpu usage like a big wave? why isn't my second 1070 doing anything. I have 2 1070's in the one computer and only 1 has any load.
So I haven't figured out all the bunker basics so I'm just unplugging internet til tomorrow. It won't hurt to have it keep retrying transfers right?