Favorite Linux distro?


Dec 27, 2017
Compiling tends to work better on operating systems that were setup for it. I've used several like Fedora back in the day where you just don't have any of the tools installed, so nothing will work out of the box. If you want to use an OS that revolves around compiling, then I would suggest Gentoo. I used it for a few years and it's kind of neat, but after a while compiling everything from source gets old.

By far and away though I think the Gentoo people have the best Linux documentation out there. If there is anything that is more frustrating, it's in open source where you want to use something, but there isn't any documentation to tell you how to use it. Gentoo is the complete opposite of that.


There is the guide to doing a complete install from scratch. If you're capable of reading and making sure you do everything verbatim, you will likely succeed.

It's likely something to do with the configuration of the boot loader. Most distros you need to get a kernel into /boot, then use some type of command in grub to point it to that file. I would honestly suggest giving Gentoo a go. Once you go through their directions you will probably understand the underpinnings of that process better, and it might help you figure out what part is broken for LFS.
Gentoo is like building a house, by digging up the raw materials and making your own concrete and bricks from scratch - You also have to make the pump to pump the concrete.. ;)