Fallout 76

What is sad is no matter what that leather coat is ugly as fuc.k. Could have been cool
What is sad is no matter what that leather coat is ugly as fuc.k. Could have been cool

I agree completely. I mean, I get why they went with this look, to keep with the whole F76 aesthetic, but there is no way I would ever consider wearing something like that out in public. And I just now looked at the product page; expensive AF. The only possible reason I can think of for someone to buy this would be to complete a collection of fallout collectibles or something.
Given Bethesda's track record at this point, a week later they'll have it go F2P anyway. :p

Hrm, a friend, told me that the cdkey resellers have Euro versions for as low as 11 bucks, and work, as long as you register and play through a VPN.
The patch was a definite rollback reintroducing a few old bugs. The stuck in "Caution" bug is back from FO4. This is when you can't get back to hidden status and you stay in red Caution. It took me a few hours and loading into an empty instanced bunker twice to clear it, server hopping didn't even help. I don't know if this is an issue after the hotfix. I still get an occasional server disconnect but it isn't as bad as before.

Since the 1/31/2019 hotfix things are definitely better. They allow repairs and crafting from bulk again while still protecting weapon mods and other valuable things. Bobby pins are back down to 0.001 weight. The Pip-Boy freeze/crash hasn't happened to me since before the patch where it had been happening at least once every 1-2 hours. The known plan tag is absolutely wonderful and the update to vendor plans definitely makes it easier. The cap stash as a container change doesn't impact me as I don't do much farming but the cap collector search appears to be bugged.

Sometimes I cannot get back into my paper bag of dropped items, I can press "E" to take items but not "R" to open it. This appears to happen to my bags, not ones created by other players.

Traveling Pharmacy fixes really save me a lot of weight now that radaway is fixed. With all the weight saving perks on that I use I am at about 180 pounds before adventuring, with them off after adventuring and before scrapping I can hit 1200. So the 1500+carry weight limit shouldn't be an issue for folks that don't use an alt as a mule or the hoarders that have to keep everything.
For myself and the people that I talked to the things we want the most on this list are the legendary vendor, the ability to prestige, the backpack for non-power armor players, high level raids, new quests, and factions.

Legendary Vendor - May 23 - That's 3 months away. How much will the player base change by then? Does this vendor wander or appear in random locations and if so can you get to your stash and back with legendaries to sell before he moves again? I see Graham about once a week while averaging a couple hours of play a day, how often can we expect to find this guy? If this is a lottery system for rerolling legendaries will there be more duping of stuff to sell and then duping of that "perfect" legendary?

Prestige at level 50 - Part of the summer drop - Beginning of summer or end? Will all the levels after 50 that we get between now and then be wasted? Do we shelve our characters and wait? If we lose all our gear with each prestige this will make mule accounts even more common (and also trip the anti-duping flags with large weight/item count transfers). This feature could really boost the replayability of the base game but it is late in the roadmap. Prestige at 50 is probably the feature I want most and soonest.

High level raids and new quests - new content is always welcome, just make sure it is QC tested before release.

Decorating camps could be nice but the camp budget needs to be increased to really make use of it.

Hopefully we don't lose too much interest in the game before these content drops really get rolling. I'm already starting to wonder why I continue to log in some days other than to grind a few perk cards and farm/drop useless legendaries.
My wife still plays this pretty often. Per what she's told me, I guess the Scorchbeats have been tweaked so that fighting them is no longer pointless.
Melee is apparently still super strong. While everyone and their mom has a duped uberweapon there's still not really much point to them outside of the Scorch Queen fight. You can basically cruise around terrorizing just about anything with hammers and axes with the right perks.
Most guns might as well not even be there once you get over a certain level, though.
I wonder when this game will hit Steam considering how big of a hit Fallout 4 was on Steam I think it will do good actually.
My wife still plays this regularly. I guess they keep adding little things to keep people occupied, but it's definitely not a daily grinder like most MMO's or even Destiny and such.
I'm still surprised they haven't messed with the melee damage discrepancy. It still hurts way way more to hit something with a blunt instrument than to shoot it in the face with a .50 rifle.
It still hurts way way more to hit something with a blunt instrument than to shoot it in the face with a .50 rifle.

Getting hit in the face with a .50 would be less painfull compared to beeing hit in the head with a blunt instrument but that is because one is instakill the other only if you hit hard enough in the right place.

Allright I'll go home now.
I tried to start back up the other night and performance was horrible. It ran better when it first came out... also, I can't aim while in 1st person, lol.
I tried to start back up the other night and performance was horrible. It ran better when it first came out... also, I can't aim while in 1st person, lol.

Server stability after the patch was definitely a step backwards. They did a server hotfix on the 9th that helped. The crash from pip-boy menu is back though.
Apparently Beth will announce a battle royale and NPCs for 76 tonight. Based on a leak and I dont think its a joke.

If they retoactively add NPCs into the original gsme, I will pick it up asap.

Battle Royale is coming to Fallout 76 in a new mode revealed at Bethesda's E3 press event called Nuclear Winter...52 players will square off against one another in a winner-take-all quest to become the Overseer of Vault 51...

Any word if the update adds NPCs to the entire game or just the 1 DLC? Been digging around.
If it's the whole game I'll wait for the update then maybe buy it. Otherwise I'll just pass.
E3 reminded me that I still have the game. Got it with my Xbox One X and never installed it.. haha.
Human NPCs are coming to Fallout 76, complete with full dialogue trees and a new quest line...
What a joke. So I guess it's out of Alpha now? At least KOTOR2 was mostly finished before it was rushed out the door by the publisher for Christmas.
/chooses 'sarcasm' response for every dialogue tree.
I fired it up last night and played for about 8hrs straight. I spent a lot of time traveling around checking out other peoples camps and just messing around.

The game seems insanely easy, most likely a result from playing fo4 a bunch on Legendary difficulty or whatever. I dont find the quests compelling at all but its still fun to explore. Got disconnected from server 3 times over night and saw many, many bugs.

Overall its exactly what I expected, more or less. I didnt know player stores were a thing, though.
Put in about 20hrs this weekend during the double XP. I also bought a 2nd account for mule/cap storage. o_O

lvl 70 running pump shotty + handmade, both 2-shot.
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I gave up on this game a long while back. Got really boring. Are the servers well populated? Is there still a large player base?
Played for the first time in a long time this weekend...I had lots of fun. I'll be jumping in more often, and although it may have some rough edges, it is the only place to go for a Fallout type experience.

Servers were always populated and with a 16 player cap I don't think it'll ever be an issue. As long as there are 16 or more people on, there will always be a full server :)
Can someone help me complete the Tadpole kindness piece (revive a teammate)? Preferably in water somewhere so I can hit that part of the swimmer line as well. Level 70 char. PM me if you can help!
My wife still plays the crap out of this game. I bailed around level 80 back in January. They keep adding content little by little and it seems like by the end of the year it will probably be worth revisiting. I found the early sections of the game to be pretty fantastic, but the best content starts to taper off about 10'ish hours in.
I still feel like the weapons need a complete overhaul at some point.
New patch today.
Mostly just PA changes. They also added "Scrap Kits" to the atom shop which is getting a lot of buzz...