External rad wiring: what would you do in my place?

Apr 5, 2016
My external rad has 9 fans with power distributed via a Splitty9, and a single D5 pump. The power and control all come from my Aquaero, with one header for the fans and one for the pump, all four wires of each going through an 8-pin PCI passthrough bracket I made.

I'm adding a second pump.

I've got two options to facilitate this upgrade. I can change my PCI bracket plug for a 12-pin one, giving me the 4 extra pins I need to run the new pump on another Aquaero header. This would require fabbing a new PCI bracket, connection to Aquaero, umbilical cable, and rear foot for my MO-RA.

Alternatively, I can re-pin my 8-pin passthrough so that two pins are power, and the remaining six are three pairs of Tach/PWM for each controlled point. This would allow me to keep my existing umbilical, bracket and rear foot, but would entail a lot more wire looming.

What would you guys do?